SailGP boat models

The SailGP boat models: another superb achievement from the Abordage and seacraftclassics team

All the teams ofCollision and of SeacraftClassics worked hard to create SailGP boat models realistic and true to real boats, so sailing enthusiasts can add them to their collection.

For those who follow SailGP, the SailGP Final takes place on May 6 and 7, 2023 in San Francisco Bay, an event not to be missed under any circumstances.

If you are passionate about sailing or boat models, do not hesitate to discover their complete range of models on their website.
All models are handcrafted with great attention in the Dominican Republic.
You will find in the shop section a whole range of half-shells and models of famous boats, such as those of theAmerica’s Cup.

And if you want to keep a reproduction of your boat on your desk or at home, do not hesitate to contact Dennis to obtain a perfect reproduction!